The Invention of the Time Machine

Of the 30 or so folks who showed up for Friday’s meet up shoot at the cemetery, at least half have already posted images to the website. Meanwhile, I am waiting for the lab to open Monday so I can get my B&W film processed and transferred to a CD. Considering I was shooting a pinhole sans viewfinder or exposure meter, it’s quite an exercise in patience. Sort of like waking up one morning way back in 1990. I keep expecting to see some dinosaur stick his head around the corner.

I suppose that would be nothing more than my own reflection in the mirror, though.

There’s a hidden, unexpected bonus, though. The return of anticipation. When I was shooting professionally, I long ago made the switch to digital, loved it then and still do. But I’d since forgotten about that glorious, often nerve-wracking sense of wondering what, if anything, I’d gotten during a shoot.

I think that’s the unexpected gift in this whole experiment.

The return of anticipation. With a side dish of patience.



One response to “The Invention of the Time Machine

  1. Andy, brings back hyper-anticipation moments from early 60’s adventures in photo journalism classes at UF. We were issued Yashica reflex cameras and rolls of 400 ASA. Then we did our own developing and printing in a cramped and dingy lab beneath the west stands at Florida Field. I can still smell the chemicals 50 years hence. (It was one of two courses aced in college! )

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