New River Gorge shoot

The Kaymoor Mine Trail is No Country For Old Men. The 850 steps is the easy part, the rest is VERY strenuous rocks and roots, all made very slippery today by the rain. I fell 6 times going down, nothing hurt but my bottom, but ran into a nest of ground wasps at the bottom, got stung maybe 10 times, some of them through my blue jeans. Then back near the top, at total exhaustion, I took a header down a 5 foot trail drop, landed on head and shoulders. A bump and cut on the head, numerous bad abrasions on arms and shoulders, wrenched neck, banged up ribs, covered in black mud and lost my glasses for about 5 minutes. Help arrived in the form of one of the Ohio rock climbers who happened upon me, helped clean up the head injury and then stayed with me most of the way back to the car.

Sadly, even getting down to the bottom was so hard I was exhausted, and a lot of my handheld shots are shaky and no good. Plus I was dripping wet, which made pinhole shooting tough. But I’m glad I went!

 More photos to come, once I get some energy back.



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