The Tin Man and Me



I’ve been having something of a hard time adjusting.

It’s not that I feel like I need a heart, like the Tin Man did. They told me at the hospital my heart is quite strong. The problem was just the blocked arteries. And they are all repaired and good to go.

It’s not that I’m afraid of death. I’ve looked at it square in the mirror, and come to an agreement with it.

I don’t think it’s the residual pain I have. Oddly, I feel much better while walking, yet worse while resting. Doc says it can take the heart awhile to “revascularize”. A fun new word to know.

I don’t even think it’s the new “heart healthy” diet I am supposed to be adhering to, although I secretly think death might be the better option of the two. We southern boys NEED grease and fat in our food.

Obviously it’s hard to “adjust” when one doesn’t even know what one is adjusting to. Fortunately I’m seeing my therapist tomorrow. She’s pretty good at sorting out this kind of thing.


Follow your heart.



I did, right into Room 758 at Roanoke Memorial Hospital last Thursday. At the advice of a good friend who is a nurse, I had mentioned to my PCP that for the last few months when hiking, riding my bicycle or even just walking around town I’d occasionally experienced chest tightness and some pain that radiated into my shoulders and down my arms. He sent me to a cardiologist, who booked me for a stress test for Thursday. When I went in I was told he’d read it the next day and I would probably hear from him today (Monday). Instead, amid lots of talk about “highly unusual results” and spritzes of nitroglycerin under my tongue I was loaded onto a gurney, shoved into a transport vehicle and driven a whopping two blocks to the hospital, despite all my protestations that I could simply walk over there.

It took 24 hours to get an opening to have an angiogram done, which showed 95% blockage in two arteries, which resulted in the immediate implant of two stents. This was followed by 24 hours of intense monitoring, the scope of which probably only Edward Snowden could comprehend, and then I came home.

Only afterward was I told, in stark layman’s terms, that my stress test was “downright scary” and that blood work done immediately afterward indicated I might have possibly even had a very minor heart attack, or come close to it, during the stress test.

I still say I could have walked to the hospital, though.

If anyone out there is contemplating or facing a similar procedure and wants some first-hand knowledge of what it’s like, just FB me and I’ll be happy to provide details.


The Creep



Here they come again, peeking not so tentatively over a once pristine hillside. They follow the guardrails of the nation, and will only stop when they get to them, because there is nothing to eat after that except asphalt.

I want to take an enormous can of spray paint (well, realistically a whole bunch of regular cans of spray paint), paint a line around every single thing that’s ever been built, and say “OK, that’s it. That’s enough. We have all we need, in fact we already have more ‘things’ than the planet can tolerate and support. No more. Period.”

We need to start subtracting, making smaller our collective footprint. Somehow, some way, we need to get back to that place where living creatures existed in harmony with the Earth and one another, instead of continuously taking and destroying.

It’s a simple enough concept, as we or our children are about to discover. 

In case you were wondering…

This is from a FB post. It’s a perfect example of someone ignoring basic facts about how the government works, and instead parroting her puppeteers on the extremist fanatical right.

Ruth Ann Ferguson
I’m laughing at Obama and the libs right now. They put up cones to block cars from driving by MtRushmore. They succeeded for about 12 hours. But two things. First it is a state road they are blocking. Blocking access to homes for people. The governor made them remove them. Then God did something we all need to do. He had a storm hit the black hills A blizzard that dropped up to 3 feet of snow. It is still snowing tonight. It is supposed to be 60 on sunday. Go figure. Anyway – lol- the cones had to be moved for snow plows too. Besides that the folks out there are not going to tolerate the idiots running their lives. Just like Obama tried to block folks from Mt. Vernon. It is totally private and funded privately. Didn’t stop dumbama from ordering those roads closed too until they were informed they were trespassing. LOL Love it Love it. I am ready when any one else is to head to Washington and let those fools know what we think and that we support the republicans in fighting for our freedoms and not let Obama murder our country and our rights.

Party Like It’s 1969



In front of Bob Goodlatte’s office, October 3, 2013, lunchtime



Jack was with me with the other sign. There was very little activity around, so we moved down to the market, where we had lots of good and only a few bad encounters.





One woman asked what “GOP” meant. I explained, then she asked if we knew about the chips that were being implanted in all our wrists, and also if we knew about the 6000 empty, ready and waiting coffins being stored, I forget where, but for the upcoming catastrophe. Hopefully she is not an actual voter.