In case you were wondering…

This is from a FB post. It’s a perfect example of someone ignoring basic facts about how the government works, and instead parroting her puppeteers on the extremist fanatical right.

Ruth Ann Ferguson
I’m laughing at Obama and the libs right now. They put up cones to block cars from driving by MtRushmore. They succeeded for about 12 hours. But two things. First it is a state road they are blocking. Blocking access to homes for people. The governor made them remove them. Then God did something we all need to do. He had a storm hit the black hills A blizzard that dropped up to 3 feet of snow. It is still snowing tonight. It is supposed to be 60 on sunday. Go figure. Anyway – lol- the cones had to be moved for snow plows too. Besides that the folks out there are not going to tolerate the idiots running their lives. Just like Obama tried to block folks from Mt. Vernon. It is totally private and funded privately. Didn’t stop dumbama from ordering those roads closed too until they were informed they were trespassing. LOL Love it Love it. I am ready when any one else is to head to Washington and let those fools know what we think and that we support the republicans in fighting for our freedoms and not let Obama murder our country and our rights.


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