The Creep



Here they come again, peeking not so tentatively over a once pristine hillside. They follow the guardrails of the nation, and will only stop when they get to them, because there is nothing to eat after that except asphalt.

I want to take an enormous can of spray paint (well, realistically a whole bunch of regular cans of spray paint), paint a line around every single thing that’s ever been built, and say “OK, that’s it. That’s enough. We have all we need, in fact we already have more ‘things’ than the planet can tolerate and support. No more. Period.”

We need to start subtracting, making smaller our collective footprint. Somehow, some way, we need to get back to that place where living creatures existed in harmony with the Earth and one another, instead of continuously taking and destroying.

It’s a simple enough concept, as we or our children are about to discover. 


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