The Corporatocracy



Democracy was a great idea. Still is, when it works. Sadly, this country’s system of government has evolved into something else entirely.

“May the best man (or woman) win” has become “May the most money win”.

The end result is a paralyzed government controlled exclusively by special interests with vast amounts of money to spend in support of candidates who will do their bidding. The uncontrolled virus of “fracking” is a good example. The media are not without fault here. Fracking was news for a brief while, then it just went away, relegated to the back burner of obscurity in favor of much more important issues like the Jodie Arias trial.

The most obvious answer is campaign finance reform. Real, meaningful reform, that will take the government out of the hands of the best-funded and put it back into the hands of the people where it belongs.

We need draconian limits on campaign spending and special interest/corporate donations. In fact, I would not be against the elimination of all donations from PACS, corporations, and wealthy individuals. As far as campaign spending, one needs to look no further than the most recent elections. I don’t have the figures at hand right now, but it’s a situation that’s spiraling out of control.

Campaign finance reform could take the government away from big corporate money and give it back to the country. That way, maybe we could focus on issues like human dignity, the environment, fiscal responsibility, health care, alternate energy research, little things like that.

Instead of everything being about that f**king dollar bill and how a privileged few can amass more of them.


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